Travel Tipssafety concerns with rideshare services

While ride-share services like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the way we get around, they also come with inherent safety concerns. It is important to be aware of these concerns and decide if you should find an alternative service the next time you need a ride. Here are five safety concerns to keep in mind:

Person checking their phone as their driver arrives
  1. Checking the License Plate: The license plate number you are provided should always match the car you get into. If the same car with a different number arrives and says they are you’re ride, it is not a safe idea to get into the car. Instead, use a car service that adds that extra level of security when finding your ride. Black car booking services like LUXY™ have a One-Time-Passcode (or Safety PIN) system that the passenger must share with the driver to begin the ride. Procedures like this help validate passengers and drivers to one another and can make for a much safer trip.
  2. Incorrect Drop-off Location:  Always check the destination address in the app and ask the driver to confirm it before leaving.
  3. Monitoring your ride: Always keep a close eye on the car’s route to ensure that the driver is taking the shortest and safest route to your destination.
  4. Driver Verification: While ride-share companies perform background checks on their drivers, there is a possibility that some drivers may slip through the cracks. These rideshare apps cannot always offer you the promise of professional drivers or vehicles you will be 100% safe in, so you take that risk on when booking an Uber or Lyft or catching a cab. It may be wise to find an alternative service with verified professional chauffeurs instead.
  5. Being Alert: Be wary when using ride-sharing services, especially at night, when assaults and robberies have occurred. Always be aware of your surroundings, and make sure friends or family know where you are when you’re on the road. 
Person entering a rideshare vehicle

By being vigilant and aware of these safety concerns, you can better protect yourself better.  Want to avoid these concerns all together? Choose a service that keeps you protected when you travel, so you can enjoy a safe and secure trip, without the worry that comes with rideshare apps. Book your next important ground transport with LUXY™, and we’ll make sure you are in good hands, all the way to your destination.