Travel Tipstaxis-vs-black-car-service

While they are both methods to get you from point A to point B, the difference between taxi rides and black car transportation is significant. If you’re wondering which option is the better choice for your upcoming trip or night out, we’ve laid out the major considerations and advantages to both:


The Availability

Taxis can regularly be found waiting for pickups outside heavy traffic locations in any city. Outside of these locations, they can be rarer to find and harder to hail. Grabbing a cab can be handy in a pinch, unless you’re in need of extra accommodations, such as child car seats or arranging extra stops.

The Ride

A taxi ride through the city can be interesting, and often very unpredictable. Backseats may be worse for wear or less comfortable, depending on the vehicle you step into. Drivers likely know the area well and perhaps where to avoid traffic, but they also use fares that add up by the minute, often leading to rides maximized for their gain. 

Safety and theft can also be a concern that taxis passengers must be wary of, especially when traveling alone.

The Value

Often used as an alternative to public transportation, taxis can offer a direct trip to a destination, faster than waiting on a subway train or city bus. However, because each driver and rate are different, the cost can regularly be unreliable. Many cabs vary in the forms of payment they accept, and price surges are inevitable in foul weather or heavy traffic. 

Black Car Services

The Availability

Booking ahead of time is conventional for car transport services, so that an assured ride can be ready for you at the right time and place, exactly when you need it. These services will offer more reliable customer service for booking and updating itineraries, and some will even let you book less than 48 hours in advance

Drivers will know your destination and pick-up point ahead of time, reducing stress on the day of travel considerably. Choosing a black car service means a reliable ride that won’t cancel or get hailed by somone else. 

The Ride

When you go with a car chauffeur service, the quality of your ride is sure to be elevated significantly from that of a taxi or cab. Vehicles are always luxury models, and are regularly clean and sanitized before new passengers ride. Unlike the risk of getting into a cab with the heat or ac not working, you can be sure the ride will be comfortable and safe with a professional driver taking you to your next location. 

The Value

Black car transportation offers a superior trip for the cost, but it doesn’t have to be out if your price range. With LUXY™ Ride, users are paired with the most optimized and efficient black car rides available, making trips more affordable for the everyday traveler, with all the same impressive perks.

Moreover, with a quoted price ahead of time, passengers don’t need to worry about the climbing fees in a cab in rush hour traffic or not having enough cash on hand. Instead, riders can simply enjoy the trip with much more peace of mind. 

Which is Best for Your Trip?

When planning airport car services, business trips and special occasions, choosing to catch a taxi can be an unreliable, aggravating ordeal. If you’re looking for a stress-free ride and dependable service, black car transportation is the way to go, especially for assuring safety and comfortability.

With certain black car services, frequent travelers can earn rewards, saving even more on rides and making routine travel a simpler, worthwhile experience. Perks like this can make the decision easy when choosing which mode of transport is best for your trip.