What We Do


As a trluxy car ride corporate programavel arranger, your goal is to make life easier for your clients by helping them manage their travel programs and itineraries. At LUXY™, we’re here to help you do just that—and make your life a little easier, too.

LUXY™ is a tech platform designed to fill empty legs for black car and limo companies, while offering those rides to you at the lowest possible prices. We only partner with licensed companies and professional drivers, creating a trusted network of regional black car providers across the country. Let us become your one-stop shop for managing corporate rides, with pricing that fits into your budget.

How We Do It

Did you know limos are empty 85% of the time on airport rides? This can mean wasted fuel and extra costs passed on to travelers.

LUXY™ solves this problem. Our search-and-match technology expertly finds and fills these empty trip legs, connecting passengers with rides that previously would have been empty. This allows us to offer luxury ride experiences at discounted prices that fit your budget. 

By leveraging this previously untapped inventory of premium cars with empty trips, we take additional cars off the road. This minimizes wasted fuel, creating for lower emissions and lower prices overall. Don’t just ride affordably, ride sustainably when you choose LUXY™.

Why We're Different

luxy car ride corporateservicesNo one else is doing it like us. Yup, you heard that right. 

LUXY™ is unique in its mission to find riders affordable luxury rides while staying committed to reducing overall global emissions. Our platform works to benefit the rider, the black car provider, and the earth by using dynamic technology in economical and sustainable ways. 

We partner with the same limo providers you know and love, so your experience on the road will never change. Book your next black car transport in advance through LUXY™, and get the same luxury car—for a lot less.

Our Corporate Booking Integrations

You can now book with LUXY™ through your favorite travel management systems, including Concur, TripActions, CWT, Amex, CTM, FCM and more. Book early for the best quotes on corporate airport transfers.

Next time, request LUXY™ on your company’s corporate booking system for black car service and all ground transport. Let us do the quality control for you, and improve your company’s ESG impact in the meantime.

The LUXY™ Concierge Dashboard

Streamline all ground travel with the LUXY™ Concierge Dashboard, a platform that lets you book, modify, and track rides all in one place. Add as many clients as you’d like and manage their profiles with just a click. With a seamless payment system, receipt management, and live tracking on all your luxury black car bookings, the Concierge Dashboard offers ultimate convenience for travel arrangers as well as their clients. 

Best Prices Nationwide

By connecting passengers with local and available luxury black car rides we increase overall efficiency on the road and can offer the best rates in black car transports. We provide service in over 100+ major airports, 500+ cities and all 50 states in the US. Get the highest savings when booking with LUXY™ in advance. 

Book Sustainable Travel

LUXY™ technology works with travel arrangers to not only simplify the ride booking process but to offer more sustainable travel options too. We pair riders with black car providers that have unfilled trip legs, so they are not driving empty. This takes cars off the road and minimizes wasted fuel, which reduces carbon emissions. Help contribute to your organization’s ESG impact when choosing LUXY™.

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