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What are we doing at LUXY™ to keep you safe on the road? We’re glad you asked.

Placing your trust into a mode of transportation for you and you family is no small thing, and we don’t take that lightly. Our team has taken measures to make sure that riders feel safe and supported no matter what.

The standards we set for each and every ride set us above alternatives ride options, because we enhance each of our luxury car transport passengers’ experiences in ways other rideshare apps and taxi services cannot.


Licensed Professional Chauffeurs

We strive for you to feel safe the moment you step foot into the vehicle until the moment you are dropped off. That’s why all our all of our partners are vetted and verified professional drivers, and their job is to keep you safe on the road.

With other rideshare apps, you risk the unpredictability of part-time side hustle drivers, who want to maximize nightly earnings and cut down on time. Cut out the fear speeding, road rage, distracted driving or more unacceptable behaviors with a black car service that puts the rider first and foremost for safety and comfortability.


Live Customer Care

With over 100+ years of combined chauffeur experience, a 24/7 dedicated support center, and a little magic we were able to create a ride experience unlike any other – from booking to destination.

Every ride is supported by the LUXY™ Client Care team to ensure to get where you’re going safely and on time. You can finally travel stress-free knowing our Client Care representatives monitor every journey, ensuring a reliable, comfortable, and safe trip.

Our team has a passion for building technology and providing a better ride experience and this passion helps us make chauffeur services more affordable and available for you.


Safety Inspected & Sanitized Vehicles

Always ride in the latest models on the road, which undergo safety inspections on a routine and regular basis. Vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each ride, prioritizing your health and ensuring peace of mind.

Without the ability to choose the vehicle that will show up for you, regular rideshare apps leave riders in older, stuffy and unreliable vehicles that drivers own and sometimes struggle to maintain themselves. These personal vehicles can be dirty and messy, leaving you to wonder how many passengers rode in them before you did.

Eliminate those concerns of vehicle safety or cleanliness when you book a LUXY™, and travel in your luxury black car ride with a renewed sense of ease and satisfaction about your journey. We’re on a mission to make your ride better.