Feature Releases

In this update, we focused on what matters most to you! You’ll now have the power to modify your itinerary right at your fingertips. This means you can simply change your trip details or cancel your ride right from the LUXY Ride mobile app. We’ll explore these new features and more below;

  • Modify Your Ride
  • Cancel Trips

Are you ready to make your travel even simpler? Selecting a new pickup location, adding extra stops or changing the flight info is now a click away! Read more.


Sh*t happens, we get it. Now you can handle last-minute change of plans by cancelling your trip right from the app. Read more.


Don’t Forget to Add Trip Protection:

The best way to travel is stress-free. That’s why we include Trip Protection™ on all rides to ensure you get to where you’re going. Learn more about how we protect your trip.