Behind the WheelBehind the Wheel Meet Terence Bass

Welcome back to our Behind the Wheel series, featuring the wonderful chauffeurs nationwide that drive with LUXY™. We’re excited to share more about the amazing individuals who make each and every LUXY™ ride a 5-star journey.

We asked LUXY™ Ride drivers to answer a few questions on driving professionally, and what it’s like working with LUXY™. Today we’re chatting with Terence.

Image provided by Terence Bass

Terence Bass


With 8 years of experience in professional chauffeur work, Terence is a valued asset to our network of drivers. Situated in Chicago, Terence knows the city well and makes sure passengers have as comfortable and efficient trips as possible.

Image provided by Terence Bass

How do you ensure passengers have a fantastic experience?

“At Fiona’s Carriage Black Car Service, we go above and beyond to make sure our passengers have the best experience. Mostly it’s just the little things that make the difference.

Offering complimentary water in all my vehicles is important because we understand traveling can be tiring and most people are thirsty when they get off a flight…this ensures their immediate comfort and refreshment the minute they enter the vehicle.

Additionally, when you’re done flying most people just want to get home or their planned destination. We provide our passengers with timely and accurate information about their ride. In Chicago, traffic patterns change by the hour, and knowing how long the journey can take is important and reassuring. We make it a priority to keep our passengers informed about the estimated travel time, so they can plan their schedule accordingly.

By aiming to enhance the overall experience of our passengers guarantees the utmost satisfaction with our service.”*

Image provided by Terence Bass

What do you like most about working with LUXY™?

“The LUXY app stands out due to its features of coordinating the schedules of both the driver and passenger.

This makes sure that everyone involved in the trip is on the same page, right from the moment the trip starts until the passenger exits the vehicle. This level of coordination makes the experience seamless for the passenger and driver.

The LUXY app’s ability to coordinate schedules and plan trips ahead of time sets it apart from others in the market. It makes for a convenient experience for the passenger, making sure that everyone can rely on a smooth and well- organized journey.”*

Image provided by Terence Bass

What makes LUXY™ stand out as a booking platform? 

“The LUXY platform has a lot to offer, such as trained drivers, reliability, and personalized support that caters to everyone. Other rideshare options may have their benefits, but this platform focuses on providing a tailored experience.

Image provided by Terence Bass

We are proud of how much our platform personalizes the ride experience for our passengers at LUXY. From adding custom amenities, to extra stops, to hourly service in major cities (stay tuned for more updates where you can book LUXY hourly), we want you to be able to make your ride your own. Our amazing team of drivers helps us customize this experience just for you, and we only plan to grow and add more ways to step up your ride experience.

A big thank you toTerence for sharing his experience as a LUXY™ driver, and for his dedication and diligence in making every passenger feel at home and catered to. We’re grateful to have you as a part of the LUXY™ Partnered Supplier Team.

Stay tuned for more installments of Behind the Wheel, to learn more about the drivers you know and love with LUXY™.

*Quotes in the above blog have been paraphrased and/or shortened for grammatical or spacing purposes.