Travel TipsThe ultimate packing guide For Spring Travel

Spring travel is upon us and if you have a trip coming up soon you may be wondering how to pack for it while considering spring weather and common spring activities. We have compiled a short list of must-haves here of all the things you will want to have with you for spring getaways in USA destinations and beyond. 

Looking for a full spring travel packing list? Download our full packing list for spring travel at the end of this blog. 

Sunglasses and a beach hat

There are a few items you DON’T want to forget if you’re going away during March, April, or May, especially in warmer or rainier climates. 

Here are some essentials to add to your packing list for any springtime travel:

  • Sunscreen

While it’s not summer yet, the sun will still be shining and any time you’re outdoors is a great time to protect that skin of yours. Find mini sunscreens in the travel section of most drugstores.

  • Rainjacket

April and May tend to be the rainiest months of the year, so a rainjacket with water-wicking properties and a good hood will be your best friend in the spring, especially if you plan on outside exploration no matter the weather.

  • Sunglasses

It can be easy to forget your daily sunglasses if it is raining or overcast the day you leave for travel, so make sure you have an extra pair in your carry-on when the sun finally decides to come out! Your eyes will thank you. 

  • Portable Umbrella

It is not easy to lug around a huge umbrella on vacation, so that’s why you’ll want to invest in a portable one that folds neatly up into the size of a small water bottle. These are great for keeping in a travel bag or overnight bag ready for when you need it.

Girl on vacation with an instant camera

Traveling for a week or more can always be a struggle with figuring out what exactly you might need for 5+ days. Our packing light tips and tricks can help you decide how much to bring, but shipping your luggage straight to your destination is always a great option too if your bags end up being on the larger, heavier, or awkward-to-carry side. 

Here are some things to consider if your spring trip is a longer one:

Spring Airport Outfits

When deciding your travel outfits, spring weather should be factored in to ensure that you will be not only comfortable but dressed for the season and destination. Pick an airport outfit that is lightweight and soft, such as loose pants, a casual dress, or a longer skirt that feels comfy for travel but also is appropriate for any activities after you get off your flight. A good plan in spring is to have several layers ready, as you never know if warm spring air will turn windy, rainy, or chilly in a moment’s time, or what temperature the plane might be this time of year.


Use the 3,3,3 Rule 

Spring wardrobes are great as they can take up much less space in a suitcase than winter ones can (looking at you, bulky sweaters). With the 333 rule, you choose three tops, three bottoms, and 3 pairs of shoes that can be combined into many variations of outfits, while saving space in your bag. Be sure to check the weather for your destination in advance, and so you can choose wisely with the limited items you decide on. 


Bring a Power Bank Travel Charger 

Get yourself a multiple-in-one portable travel charger that plugs right into the wall and you will not regret it. Instead of packing 7 different chargers and hoping there will be enough outlets in your hotel room, you can simplify the process significantly and also have a travel bank to take with you during the day. If you’re traveling for more than a few days, you’ll want something like this with extra charge and power for your devices.


Take an Instant Camera 

Spring is one of the best times to take out that instant camera or vintage Polaroid and start snapping! Document your travels in fun ways and experiment with lighting, color, and exposure during your spring trip, taking inspiration from the blooming and blossoming world around you. Flowers, rainbows, and gorgeous spring sunrises and sunsets await you and your camera.

Easily keep track of these travel essentials and more by accessing our spring packing list below, so you can print and check off each item as you go. 

Chauffeur service picking up passengers at the airport

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