Travel TipsThe 4 Mistakes You're Making When You Travel

Here are four easy mistakes everyone makes when traveling…even the most frequent of fliers! Are you making these mistakes whenever you book travel?

Overpacked Suitcase


While it can be tempting to bring as much as your luggage can possible fit, we often use far less than what we think we need. Try packing versatile outfit pieces ahead of time for multiple uses, and stick to the rule of 3’s! Pick pieces that can be worn in at least 3 different ways and you can cut down considerably on your luggage space. Imagine– even more room for souvenirs! This trick works especially well with international travel prepping, when you want to conserve luggage space and be traveling as lightly as you can.

Girl planning a trip

Under Planning

Far too much of the time in planning trips, we leave things to the last minute. Once the flight is booked and lodging secured, the rest of the details can easily slip the mind. But here’s where we’re making a big mistake- by planning rides, events and meal reservations ahead of time, you can guarantee that the travel experience you’ve been dreaming about happens as you want it to. Get a spot at that swanky restaurant before it fills up, and book that airport or event ride (with LUXY™ Ride) now so that you can arrive comfortably and on time to your destination.

Hydrated woman

Not Staying Hydrated

This is a big one folks. While we all are attached to our Stanely cups for hydrating at home- we often forget to bring and drink water on our trips! Airplanes air tends to be dry and the lower pressure can easily make you dehydrated, so be sure to drink lots of water throughout your travels and throughout the day wherever you are headed! Getting dehydrated when you want to be enjoying your trip is the worst, but luckily this one is an easy fix. 

Screentime on vacation

Living Through the Screen 

We all live on our phones these days, this isn’t news. But a lot of us tend to spend entire vacations and holidays worrying about capturing everything in sight to post or have to look at later. It’s certainly not a bad thing to take pictures and make memories on camera while you’re away from home- just make sure it doesn’t keep you from enjoying the moment in person. So every once in a while, take a break from that screen and live out your best life as you enjoy that destination. We promise, these are the best kinds of memories to make.  😉

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