Corporate Travel

The corporate world has seen a massive evolution in how business travel is managed. With the rise of Travel Management Systems (TMS), planning and organizing business trips have become more streamlined, especially when it comes to booking flights and accommodations. These platforms offer efficiency and convenience, ensuring that every itinerary detail is accounted for.

A businesswoman working from her black car ride

However, like every silver lining has its cloud, the comprehensive nature of these platforms sometimes overlooks the nuanced needs of ground transportation. As business travel grows in complexity, especially given the intricacies of global transit in today’s ever-evolving landscape, some aspects of these all-in-one solutions might not be as equipped to handle the more personalized and specific requirements of travelers.

One notable gap lies in the realm of ground transportation. While flights and hotels are often straightforward to manage and book, the nuances of getting from Point A to B on the ground are different. It’s not just about getting a ride; it’s about safety, communication, reliability, and the ability to easily adjust as plans change.

Many travelers have shared their frustrations about the limitations they face with existing systems. A common grievance is the lack of direct communication with drivers. In an unfamiliar city or country, being able to establish contact and coordinate directly with a driver can be of paramount importance. This missing link in the travel chain can often lead to confusion, stress, and unnecessary delays.

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Furthermore, the default transportation options provided by many TMS lean heavily towards rideshare solutions. While rideshares might be adequate for casual trips, corporate travelers often seek a more refined and dependable experience. The unpredictability of getting a random driver, coupled with valid concerns about safety, makes this mode less appealing for those who prioritize reliability and peace of mind.

This is where a specialized solution becomes essential. A platform that understands the unique challenges and expectations associated with ground transportation can bridge the existing gaps and provide a seamless travel experience.

Enter LUXY™.

Understanding the stress and unpredictability that travel can sometimes bring, LUXY™ Ride is designed to be the solution that business travelers never knew they needed, but can’t do without once they’ve experienced it. Whether you’re a traveler managing your own bookings or a travel arranger organizing itineraries for a team, LUXY™ offers an end-to-end solution for ground transportation. Direct communication with drivers, top-notch safety standards, and a consistent experience irrespective of the travel destination are just a few of the many advantages.

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And when the trip wraps up? The process remains effortless. Invoices can easily be added to any TMS or expense management system, ensuring a seamless transition back to routine.

While the broader TMS solutions have revolutionized corporate travel, the need for specialized platforms, particularly for ground transportation, has never been more evident. As travel grows more complex, solutions like LUXY™ Ride are not just conveniences; they are necessities, ensuring that every leg of the journey, from the skies to the ground, is managed with precision, safety, and unparalleled customer service. Book your first ride with LUXY™ today and get $20 off*!

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