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Itching to get away after a long and cold winter? Celebrating a week this spring in a tropical location, or just headed somewhere warm? Spring break trips are most often frequented by teens and college students looking to get away while off school for a week. 

Both adolescents traveling with their friends or families should stay alert and aware of the following tips to ensure a convenient, comfortable, and (most importantly) safe trip no matter where they’re headed.

Smooth Arrivals:

It’s predicted that this year’s spring break will be much busier than the last few years, so wait times at TSA and flight delays are likely occurrences. 

  • Pack light for a smooth travel experience and have everything you need (ID, passport, boarding pass, medications, snacks, light reading) in an easily accessible pocket.
  • Get to the airport safely by planning an airport ride ahead of time that will ensure you are at the airport within enough time to make it through TSA and on your flight.
  • Book a black car service to pick you up after your flight lands, and they’ll keep track of your flight and will be waiting for you no matter if your flight lands early or ends up getting delayed.

Protecting Your Accommodations:

No matter if you’re staying at a hotel, resort, or rental facility, there are steps you can take to make sure your lodging is as safe as possible, day and night.

  • Lock the doors and windows as soon as you’re inside or leaving for the day. Additionally, keep all important belongings like money, jewelry, or passports locked up and not lying out in the open. 
  • Know the name and address of the place you are staying, especially if you are somewhere where you are unfamiliar with the language
  • Never give away your room number or address to those you have just met and do not trust 

Travel in Numbers:

Going anywhere alone can make you an easy target for criminals, and it can be much more difficult to protect yourself. When you travel in a group, you can each look out for each other, and the chances of being targeted by anyone with ill intentions are significantly reduced.

  • Use the buddy system at parties, bars, or crowded events
  • Choose a meet-up location if you get separated from a group
  • If a group splits up, keep every member aware of who is headed where and for how long
  • Use a secret pre-established word between party members if anyone is uncomfortable and would like to leave

Stay Hydrated and Healthy:

Regardless of what you’ll be up to, it’s important to stay hydrated and protect yourself from various environmental harms.

  • Keep a filled water bottle each day and take it with you when you head to outdoor activities
  • For long beach days, bring sunscreen and plan on consuming more water than usual to keep from feeling dehydrated and down 
  • Bring an emergency kit with aloe in case of sunburns and other first aid supplies or protectants (like bug spray).

Ride Safely:

Getting from place to place while on spring break may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be when you schedule out safe, luxurious rides beforehand. Keep an itinerary and know when you’ll be on the move in advance so you can book rides before the trip with ease. Always follow these safety tips when catching rides.

  • Never get in a ride you aren’t familiar with or aren’t sure where it’s headed
  • Check with a driver before you get in the car to be sure who they are there to pick up
  • Schedule rides with licensed professional drivers to avoid speeding, road rage, and distracted driving, and ride with vetted and verified chauffeurs instead

This spring break, make sure to prioritize safety from the moment you leave home until you get back. Stay prepared and hydrated, and be always aware of your surroundings. Use 5-star transportation that will put your safety first and foremost, so you can travel easier and worry less. Get  $20 off your first ride with apps like LUXY™, available on iOS or Android.