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Heading to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) can be a hassle, especially regarding parking. Wondering if you should park or find an alternative way to get to the airport? See your options, potential risks, and pricing below:

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Parking at BOS Airport comes with a variety of options, from economy lots to valet services. However, the rates can be steep. Boston Logan parking rates for Economy parking typically start at around $32 per day, while closer options like Central or Terminal B Parking can cost upwards of $41 per day. On top of that, there are additional fees for extended stays and random service fees (like a lost parking ticket fee you might encounter during your trip.

While off-site parking may offer cost savings, it comes with inherent risks, notably concerning the safety and security of your vehicle. Leaving your car in unfamiliar off-site parking lots raises concerns about its well-being during your absence. It’s impossible to know how safe your car will be from break-ins or damage, and this is a level of uncertainty that may leave travelers feeling uneasy. 

Nature can also affect your car, especially in Boston. If offsite parking is uncovered, you can risk snow, hail, or other elements affecting your vehicle while you are away. 

Airport transfer arriving to pick passengers up for their ride

While the convenience of driving yourself may seem tempting, the costs and inconveniences of parking at the airport can quickly add up. Why deal with the hassle of finding a parking spot, navigating crowded lots, and potentially missing your flight due to long walks from the parking area to the terminal? Instead, consider booking a Boston Airport terminal transfer with LUXY™ Ride for a stress-free experience.

With the LUXY™ Ride app, you can book a luxurious black car transfer to the airport at affordable rates. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of being dropped off right at the terminal entrance, without worrying about parking fees or finding your way through the airport maze. Plus, with professional drivers you can rely on, LUXY™ Ride ensures a safe and comfortable journey every time.

Don’t let the hassle of airport parking put a damper on your travel plans. Choose the convenience and peace of mind of Boston Airport transfers with LUXY™ Ride, and make your journey to BOS Airport a breeze.