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Driving straight to the terminal may seem like a simple option when you are going on a trip, especially when airports heavily promote the availability and ease of airport parking to passengers.

But airports are hiding crucial details when it comes to these remote lots, and we’re here to provide you with all the details before you choose airport transportation for your journey.

The standards we set for each and every ride set us above alternative ride options because we enhance each of our luxury car transport passengers’ experiences in ways other rideshare apps and taxi services cannot.


The Expense

With airport parking, you’ll need to pay for each day your car sits in the lot. The fees are not often cheap, are often hidden behind promises of convenience and proximity. For long term stays, the expense will add up quick along with other driving-related costs you’ll face (shuttles to the terminal, fuel surcharges, toll costs, etc.).

Why are these fees so steep? Airports make a good chunk of income on car rental and passenger parking alone, making millions yearly off of filling lots with passenger vehicles and charging them an arm and a leg in the process. In fact, these fees are the main source of revenue for airports other than airline revenue, making up 41% of their non-aviation income. They don’t want you to know this, but parking fees can easily become more expensive than the cost of your airfare, depending on how long your trip is and what airline you fly with.

Paying for a trip is no small feat, and many save for months to be able to afford to travel to the destinations they’ve been dreaming of. So why spend a good portion of that savings on a vehicle you won’t even be able to use while you’re away?


The Risks

Plenty of hazards and uncertainties also exist when it comes to driving and parking your own vehicle at the airport. The biggest of these is vehicle security. Paying to keep your car in an airport lot does not always ensure that you won’t come back to damages. The longer your trip is, the longer your car could be subjected to vandalism, theft, accidental dents and scratches, or people accidentally backing into it.

Nature plays a role too. Some airport parking lots are not covered, leaving your car out in the rain, hail, snow, or other extreme weather that may occur while you’re gone. What’s more, lugging around and loading your heavy baggage into and out of your car in this weather can be a hassle and dangerous enough as it is.

These risks can also extend to personal safety. Driving yourself to or from the airport at odd hours of the night or after experiencing heavy jet lag may not be a great decision given how drowsy you are likely to be. In fact, driving while fatigued can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Make sure you are keeping vehicle and individual safety in mind as you plan out the logistics of private transportation on your trip.


The Stress

Driving on your own to the airport often adds an unnecessary level of stress as you prepare to embark on your trip. Trying to avoid traffic on your way there, navigating to the correct side of the terminal, and finding a lot close to your gate can all take considerable amounts of time and easily make you later than you want to be. Not to mention the number of challenges on the day-of that can occur, such as issues with the car you are taking or it being out of gas as you’re trying to leave.

Another stressor can tend to be not knowing what spots will be available until you arrive. If parking is crowded, you may have to look at external options or other satellite lots, which can be very far from your terminal- not accessible at all when traveling with a lot of luggage or particularly heavy bags. If you’re someone who prefers to eliminate any potential variables that could make you late, driving and parking yourself are definitely not the most desirable options available.

The Environmental Impact

The emissions from cars parked at the airport also contribute to climate change. Not often talked about, these evaporative emissions that parked vehicles emit are a large contributor of ozone chemicals to the environment, polluting the air we breathe. These significant global concerns may not always be top of mind when it comes to finding airport accommodations, but it’s never a bad idea to take a look at how you can improve your carbon footprint when you travel. 

There must be a better option for transportation to your terminal, right?

Your safest bet is to use an airport transfer. With a black car service coming to pick you up and take you directly to your gate, you can shed any worries about leaving your car at the airport. Additionally, you can be sure your ride will arrive on time and wait for you no matter what (unlike losing an Uber driver due to baggage claim being slow!). With certain apps, your personal chauffeur tracks updates and details of your flight to make sure everything happens seamlessly. They’ll even assist with putting your luggage right into the car, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Did you know you can even save money with services that get you the best deals in luxury transportation? It’s true. So what are you waiting for? Book a ride with an airport car service in advance to have the most peace of mind on your next trip.