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It is simple to add passenger information while booking on the LUXY™ App. Easily add the primary passengers contact info, and provide secondary passenger information if desired, all before confirming your trip. 

Lets take a look step-by-step on how to add passenger details to your bookings on the app:

Steps to Add a Passenger:

  • Once you’ve logged in, begin booking your trip. First, enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, then confirm the time and date of your desired airport pickup.
Setting Ride Time and Date
  • Choose the vehicle you would like to pick you up. 
Select a Vehicle Screen
  • Add any amenities under the Extras tab before selecting Continue.
Add LUXY amenities App Screen
  • The Passenger Detail page will show next. This page will let you enter the Primary Passenger’s name, email, and phone number. If you are not a passenger for this desired trip, select the “I’m not the passenger” button at the top and the First and Last name fields will remove your name and leave open fields for you to insert the details of the primary rider.
Add Passenger Detail Page
  • Add Secondary Passenger Information underneath the primary passenger fields by selecting the dark orange plus icon. Secondary Passenger Info Fields will appear allowing you to enter this information.
Secondary Passenger Information Screen
  • When you have finished adding passenger information, click Proceed to Payment to confirm and book your ride.
Review Payment Screen

Please Note: If you need to update your passenger information after booking a ride, you can modify your reservation info under the “All Trips” tab on the app. Learn more about modifying trip details here.

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