Behind the WheelBehind the Wheel Meet Stefan

Welcome back to our Behind the Wheel series, featuring the wonderful chauffeurs nationwide that drive with LUXY™. We’re excited to share more about the amazing individuals who make each and every LUXY™ ride a 5-star journey.

We asked LUXY™ Ride drivers to answer a few questions on driving professionally, and what it’s like working with LUXY™. Today we’re chatting with Stefan Savulescu, of SMB Transportation LLC.

Stefan Savulescu


Meet Stefan, a LUXY™ driver and partner that provides service in Orlando, FL. Stefan has been driving professionally for 10 years and does an excellent job at going above and beyond to make the passenger experience extraordinary. 

How do you ensure passengers have a fantastic experience?

“I ensure that anyone who steps in my car is treated like a VIP. My passengers’ comfort and safety are my number 1 priority! Being pleasant and attentive to my guests is what I do.

Image provided by Stefan Savulescu

What do you like most about working with LUXY™?

“I like working with LUXY because of the professionalism and quality payout system. Since my first ride with LUXY, I have never had any problems.”


What makes LUXY™ stand out as a booking platform? 

“Professionalism, and the efficiency of the dispatch team, and the speed of payouts.”

At LUXY™, we’re proud of our weekly payout system for drivers that gets them the money they earned faster. We’re constantly trying to make our driver app and portal more efficient and useful for our partners and drivers, including scheduling features to help them close empty loops and the Safety PIN to ensure passengers are getting into the correct cars. 

Stefan’s 5-star rating as a driver is a testament to his commitment to the passenger experience. Check out a passenger review from a recent ride with Stefan:

Image provided by Stefan Savulescu. “My driver was very amazing, and I had a great experience.”- LUXY Passenger

“My driver was very amazing, and I had a great experience”  -2.29.24


A big shout out to Stefan for sharing his experience as a LUXY™ driver with us for Behind The Wheel. Thank you for all your hard work as a driver and for being a part of the LUXY™ Partnered Supplier Team. We couldn’t do what we do without you! 

Stay tuned for more installments of Behind the Wheel, to learn more about the drivers you know and love with LUXY™.