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Once you have arrived at your passenger’s pick-up location, you will then need to input a safety PIN into the LUXY™ Driver App. This new feature will help validate passengers and drivers to one another and keeps both parties safer on the road.

Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to confirm a passenger safety PIN in the LUXY™ Driver App:

Steps to Confirm a Passenger Safety PIN:

  • Log into the LUXY™ Driver App and enter Driver Mode, then start your upcoming ride. Your passenger will be alerted that you are on the way. 
Passenger Safety PIN Blog Images
  • Once you have arrived at the pick-up location, select the orange Passenger Picked-Up button. After selecting this, your passenger will receive a notification that you have arrived with a secure 4-digit safety PIN code.
  • Next, a Pop-Up will open on your app, asking you to enter this PIN code. The passenger will is instructed to share their received PIN code with you, their driver. Enter the correct PIN into the pop-up, and select Confirm.
  • From here, you can now begin your trip to the passenger’s destination.

Safety PIN Error Resolution Steps:

  • If the incorrect safety PIN code is entered, you will see a notification that prompts you to enter a valid PIN code.
Invalid PIN entered
  • Select OK here, and you will have the option to enter the PIN code again.
  • You will also have the option to resend the Safety PIN code to the passenger if the original message is lost, undelivered, or deleted. You will receive a notification once the PIN has been sent successfully.
Pin Resent
  • Enter the correct PIN code and select Confirm. From here, you can begin your trip to the passenger’s destination.

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