Behind the WheelBehind the Wheel Meet Mohamad

Welcome back to our Behind the Wheel series, where we feature the wonderful chauffeurs nationwide that drive with LUXY™. We’re excited to share more about the amazing individuals who make each and every LUXY™ ride a 5-star journey.

We asked LUXY™ Ride drivers to answer a few questions on driving professionally, and what it’s like working with LUXY™. Today we’re chatting with Mohamad Hobballah, of 313 Luxury Transportation LLC.

Image provided by Mohamad Hobballah

Mohamad Hobballah


Meet Mohamad, a LUXY™ driver and partner in Detroit that has been driving professionally for 8 years. We commend his commitment and passion for his work! 

How do you ensure passengers have a fantastic experience?

“Keeping a clean car, and being reliable, respectful, and a safe driver. Proper appearance and greetings are a must. Being a black car chauffeur requires a lot of professionalism and dedication.”

Image provided by Mohamad Hobballah

What do you like most about working with LUXY™?

“The professionalism of LUXY as a brand and partner.”


What makes LUXY™ stand out as a booking platform? 

“It’s a very easy app to manage.The Safety PIN feature is also great, it adds more security to the trip and safety overall to ensure that drivers pick up the right passengers.”

Passenger in their black car ride

Safety is incredibly important to us at LUXY™, so we strive to make an impact in our passenger and driver experience  with features like the Safety PIN 4-Digit Code, that help drivers and passengers identify one another before a ride begins. We are working to bring even more safety and convenience features to our app soon, so please stay tuned for app updates and announcements.

We’d like to thank Mohamad for sharing his experience as a LUXY™ driver, and for all the dedication that goes into making each ride exceptional. We’re grateful to have you as a part of the LUXY™ Partnered Supplier Team.

Stay tuned for more installments of Behind the Wheel, to learn more about the drivers you know and love with LUXY™.