Travel Tipsshuttle-vs-black-car-service

Sure, a shuttle ride may come with your hotel booking, but are you ready for the long list of complications that also accompany it?

There are three main reasons why relying on the shuttle for your next trip may not be worth it. Read on to see why, and determine what the preferred mode of vacation transportation is for you and your family.

1. The Wait Time

No matter when you need to take the shuttle to your destination, there will typically be a wait. With convoluted schedules, various pickup and drop-off locations, and a limited number of buses or staff available, you could be waiting for up to an hour or more, depending on how far away your stop is. With a family of tired and cranky individuals at the end of a long day, you’ll want a ride that you can count on.

This could mean trying to plan your trip or vacation entirely around a bus schedule that is usually not flexible or aligned well with what you had planned. Not to mention, many shuttles tend to be late during rush hour or when handling larger numbers of riders. Delays like this can put a dent in your own travel plans and can easily make you late for reservations, shows, or flights.

2. The Experience

Taking a shuttle bus means that your riding experience will hinge on many factors, as you are typically not the only one on board. Rush hour can mean seats are limited, and riders can be loud and rowdy—easily a headache inducer early in the morning or after a long day.

Getting onto a crowded shuttle with a family can be even more troublesome, whether you’re making sure a stroller can fit onboard or ensuring that kids are seated safely and comfortably. Sharing that bus ride with an abundance of unknown riders all squished up right next to you and your family is not ideal, and can be even harder when there are lots of bags and luggage involved too.

3. The Unexpected

When it comes to catching a shuttle ride, you’ll almost always face the element of the unknown. That could be undisclosed delays due to lack of staff, or issues on previous trips that can cause a ripple effect on reliability and on-time routes on any given day.

It is the same when it comes to your safety. Hotel shuttles to theme parks have been known to stuff riders on at the end of the night to prevent multiple trips, which can be hazardous at worst, and very cramped and uncomfortable at best.

Sometimes shuttles are shared between multiple hotels, airports, and other businesses, and you are not always given that information ahead of time. You may experience longer wait times, more erratic schedules, extra stops, or an increase in riders from various places due to circumstances like this.

When shuttle experiences are erratic and unreliable, it can easily put a damper on your whole trip. The low cost does not outweigh the inconveniences, nor the unknown variables.

Rather than take a faulty transportation method to your location, opt instead to book a black car ride. Whether you are headed to (or from) the airport, a theme park, or a tourist location, you can rest assured that the private transportation will take you to your destination on time, with a safe and comfortable journey.

Want to stay environmentally friendly but still skip the nuisance of a shuttle? Not a problem.

LUXY™ is a black-car booking app that uses technology to increase efficiency on the road for drivers while reducing carbon emissions greatly. For your next trip, choose a black car service specifically built to cut down on high costs and reduce wasted fuel. It’s a win-win for you—and means you can say sayonara to shifty shuttles once and for all!