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Dear Fellow Travel Enthusiasts, 


I think we can all agree this year has been hectic.  Just about every week (probably like most of you) I’ve daydreamed about getting away and escaping all the horrible things occurring in our world.  These daydreams almost turn into reality after my horrendous bi-weekly “FY20 Inventory Roll” meetings, but I just couldn’t bring myself to travel during this pandemic. 


However, when my overly cautious sister (sorry!) brought up the idea of taking a $58 round-trip flight to Florida AND offered to let me stay on a cot in her hotel room, I knew I had to accept.  The only thing I needed to do on my end was to find my own car transport service ride to the airport.  The idea of going through all the work to search for an airport shuttle sounded just as bad as my inventory meetings.  So naturally, I procrastinated and waited until the last minute.  “I’ll just use a ride-sharing app” – famous last words.


So, I woke up at 4:00 AM during a torrential downpour for my 7:00 AM flight and what did I find out?  There was not a SINGLE taxi/ride available!  None.  Zip.  Nada.  Zilch.  I didn’t worry because I figured I could eat, shower and a driver will magically appear on my app.  The good news was that it did appear, but the bad news was it was 4:45 and it was 30 minutes away (now is a good time to mention I live about an hour away from the nearest airport).


It was 5:00 and the ride CANCELLED on me.  I contemplated walking to the train station, but how could I during a monsoon?  I couldn’t even catch a ride to the train station!  I had to wait another HALF HOUR for a driver to be available, but luckily this one accepted at 5:30 – the same time I should’ve been arriving at the airport.


I finally made it to the airport at 6:35 and thankfully it is almost completely barren.  I was able to run to the gate without begging strangers to let me cut the line which is typically any traveler’s worst nightmare.


As soon as I arrived in Florida, I told my sister about my escapade.  Without saying a word, she looked down, shook her head, and showed me the LUXY™ ride app.  I had no idea that if I just paid a little more, then I could’ve had my own luxury black car ride and got to the airport stress-free.  After looking into it, it would’ve been just as easy as using any other ride-sharing app, but the difference was I could order it ahead of time and it would be there at the exact time I requested – regardless of the time or weather.

As for the Florida trip?  After the panic dissipated, it was a pretty darn good trip.  All I know is the next time I travel I won’t be using any basic ride-sharing app or taxi.  And I also probably can’t refer to my sister as being overly cautious for quite some time either.




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