Travel TipsThe Ultimate Packing Guide For Summer Travel

Happy Summer! Days filled with warm weather, the beach and ice cream are finally here. Short on time for upcoming trips you have planned? Don’t worry, this short list of must-haves is your go-to for most kinds of summer trips, and covers the most important things you cannot forget for warm-weather getaways! 

Looking for a full summer vacation packing list? Download our full summer packing list for warmer travel at the end of this blog.

How Do You Pack for Summer Trips?

Using Our List of Must-Haves 

Suitcase with Summer Clothes Inside

Wondering what’s missing from your summer camp packing list or summer vacation checklist? Here are some essential items you absolutely don’t want to forget if you’re traveling during June, July, August, or even September, particularly in warm and humid climates. Even if you’re looking for packing light tips (we have some here and here), make sure to prioritize these items! 

  • Water Bottle

Being out in the sun, walking and exploring and drinking alcohol all significantly dehydrate you and these are things we all tend to do more of on vacation. As the weather heats up significantly, you’re going to want to rehydrate throughout your day to make up for this. It’s not always easy (or sustainable, or cheap!) to find a disposable water bottle on every turn of your trip, so packing one is never a bad idea so that you can refill it and hydrate on a routine basis. Just make sure to empty it before going through TSA! 

  • Sunscreen

It is so important to stay consistent with your sunscreen throughout summer (and beyond). When you’re outside for a good amount of time (which tends to happen on summer vacations) you’ll want an easy-to-apply sunblock that is waterproof and over 30 spf. Find mini sunscreen options at the travel section of your local drug store or supermarket.

  • Insect Repellent

Summer is unfortunately the time that mosquitos and other pesky bugs are the most prevalent. So, you’ll want to pack some insect repellent if you plan on hiking, being outdoors at night, or going to a place where bugs are abundant. 

  • Sunglasses 

This one is probably a no-brainer- but I can’t forget how many times I’ve accidentally left sunglasses at home because it was overcast or dark when I left for my trip! Reminding you now- pack one or two pairs so that you can have one ready in each bag you bring. Your eyes will thank you. 

  • Hat

One more here that will protect you from the sun- or the other elements! Bringing a hat can be a great relief from the sun on the beach, on long walks, and can be a great option when you still want to explore on a rainy day. From baseball to bucket to straw, you have your pick of many kinds of great and useful hats to help make your day more enjoyable.

Passenger bags sitting at the airport

Here are tips that may help you prepare as best you can for your upcoming summer trips:

Travel Outfits- Summer

For warm weather travel, it is important to do some research on what exactly the weather will be like before you pack. Do this the week of, so that you know as accurately as possible what to expect. Make sure you have clothing options that fit with the expected weather, but also consider the AC in establishments (or lack of in some places!) that may determine if you want to bring an extra layer. 

Wondering what to wear on a plane in summer? This can be tricky, as it may be hot where you are coming from and where you are arriving, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t get chilly on the plane. We recommend your summer airplane outfits have layers for this reason, so that you can adjust your garments to a comfort level of choice at any time.


Ship Your Luggage

If your bags end up being on the larger, heavier, or awkward-to-carry side (like if you’re bringing strollers or sport gear of any kind), shipping your luggage straight to your destination is always a great option to avoid the hassle or lugging them through the airport and around your destination. Luggage Forward is a great option for easily setting up delivery of your luggage to your hotel or place of lodging. 


Stay ½ Packed Between Trips

The most efficient way to stay prepared for multiple trips without having to take your life apart and package it back together again and again is simply staying half-packed. What do I mean by that? I mean having things like a toiletries bag with all its essentials ready (separate/duplicates from your at-home items), and having capsule wardrobe essentials you can bring anywhere. This way, you will only have to wash or replenish what is dirty or out, versus having to do the pack/unpack ordeal for 100% of your items every time.

Obviously you cannot do this with every item you want to pack tho, so having a summer holiday packing checklist handy is super useful for making sure you have everything quickly. Accessing our summer packing checklist below, so you can print and check off each item as you go.

An airport transfer arriving

Airport Transfers for Warm-Weather Travel

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