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Deciding on transportation for a trip can be challenging. Once the stress of picking and booking a flight is settled, a ride to and from the airport can be the last thing on your mind. Suddenly, it’s the week of your trip and you need to figure out the final details. 

Renting a car is an option many consider for vacations, business trips, and travel away from home, but is that truly your best option? We’ve broken down today’s pros and cons of traveling with a rental car, along with a worthwhile alternative for your next trip. 


The biggest reason to choose to rent a car while traveling is to have a car at your disposal when you need it. However, you’ll want to think about the balance between how often you’ll need the vehicle versus how much you are spending to have it all day. Paying to park at the airport or in a garage can double that cost, while the vehicle sits unused for hours each day. 

Renting a car when you land at terminals such as Boston Logan International Airport or Los Angeles International Airport means you’ll have a variety of rental companies to choose from. But this can also be overwhelming, with the rates of each driven high because of their airport location.

With rental companies, you can choose to book on-spot at the window. However, you may be turned away if there aren’t enough cars available. During many peak travel dates, many busier destinations will unfortunately not have any cars available when you arrive. 



It’s no secret that renting a car will mean being charged a variety of fees, on top of the daily rate you’re already paying. You’ll rack up charges for adding additional drivers, airport security costs, insurance rates, specific state surcharges, and more. Many of these are hidden from your pricetag in advance, making it hard to calculate the true cost ahead of time. 

Plus, rental car services are likely to add on extra fees to your bill for a number of random reasons. These could be fines for a vehicle left unclean, penalty fees for driving over a certain mileage, or any other various type of faults with vague explanations and arbitrary reasoning. For this reason, it can be hard to trust these services for consistent or affordable costs.

Additionally, choosing to rent a car means a number of other travel fees outside of the price you pay the rental company. Parking fees, valet costs, and the rising cost of gas across the country all add up, and can make this mode of travel much more expensive than you originally thought.

If you’re paying that much, you’d expect to be able to rent a choice vehicle with all the features you’ll need, correct? Not always the case. You’ll find that many rental companies have a limited variety of car models that may not have the luxuries you are looking for, especially during peak vacation times. 

So What is the Alternative?

Choose a black car service instead.

While car rental agencies are known for squeezing out your last pennies, services like LUXY™ Ride make it affordable to travel luxuriously. Get your quote ahead of time and that’s your charge. No hidden or surprise fees, and no need to worry about parking or gas charges either.

Booking an airport car service is easier than ever—no waiting in long, sweaty lines for a rental after you just got off the plane. Easily book ahead, online or by app, and the luxury vehicle type you prefer will be right outside when your flight lands. No more arriving to a closed rental car counter or getting the last (read-worst) vehicle available when your flight lands at the end of the day.

Your personal chauffeured vehicle will pick you up where you want, when you want, without the stress of endless route planning or figuring out how to work the GPS in a brand new car. Customize your trip in advance and add any accommodations needed (such as a car seat, so that you don’t have to worry about lugging yours around with you across the country).

At the end of the day, say goodbye to a nightmare of endless rental fees. It’s simple. Book the ride that treats you the best for the price you pay.

In case the unexpected occurs, make sure you’re protected on all fronts. Use Trip Protection with LUXY Ride to reschedule your airport transfer, for no additional cost. A changed flight itinerary can be no big deal when you choose to protect and insure your trip.