Feature ReleasesReduced Booking times for more major airports

Hello LUXY™ travelers!

We trust that your summer has been filled with adventures, success, and moments of joy. As we embrace the changing seasons, we’re excited to bring forth a change of our own—one that aims to make your LUXY™ experience even smoother.

Book Rides +1 hour in advance at these added airports

From September 16th onwards, we’re ushering in a new era of convenience for our patrons. Say goodbye to longer waiting times as we reduce our booking notice period to just +1 hour for pickups from a range of major airports:

  • LGA
  • DCA
  • IAD
  • SFO
  • SAN
  • FLL
  • MIA
  • BOS

This move is inspired by the tremendous success we experienced with a similar time frame at LAX and JFK. The demand for swifter, reliable, and efficient ground transportation services was evident, and we’re thrilled to extend this benefit to even more travelers.

Outside of these airports, our booking notice period stands at 6 hours. But don’t worry, the wheels of innovation at LUXY™ never stop turning. We’re gearing up to reduce that time frame to 3 hours in the not-too-distant future. Our vision is clear: we’re inching closer to offering a near-on-demand service on a national scale.

Woman sitting in the back of a car holding a tablet

Your feedback has been instrumental in these updates. LUXY™’s ethos has always been about providing unparalleled service, tailored to the evolving needs of our community. This step is yet another affirmation of that commitment.

To all our esteemed travelers, thank you for being a part of the LUXY™ journey. The road ahead is promising, and with your continued support, we’re certain it’ll be paved with many more exciting updates.

Here’s to faster bookings and seamless travels with LUXY™!