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Airport travel is often regarded as a worrisome and stressful experience. City-dwelling travelers usually relegate themselves to cramped buses or subways while suburban travelers begrudgingly call upon their Phone-A-Friend lifeline. Although limousine services are one of the oldest, and most luxurious, methods of airport transportation, they now somehow feel like one of the most overlooked.


However, with the Digital Transformation Age and specifically the LUXY Ride app, this is no longer the case. Think of it as a Priceline or for airport shuttle services where limousine companies utilize the LUXY Ride app to fill their unused routes to or from the airport. So next time you travel, instead of a cramped subway or an encumbering IOU, consider taking an airport limousine through LUXY.


Below are 5 key reasons why –


  1. Easy Booking

The App/Website is essentially set up the same way as a standard travel dashboard making it easy and practical to navigate. From the dashboard simply enter your pickup/drop off location, date/time, and a selection of luxury car options will appear (i.e. Sedan for up to 3 passengers and 3 bags). The last and final step is to enter your billing information and you will be on your way.


  1. Flexible Options

One of the nice perks of LUXY Ride is the ability to add special features. While selecting your ride you will also have the option of choosing from special add-ons – some of which are free of charge.


Arrival Meet and Greet

The most commonly used feature is an arrival meet and greet where you can request the driver waits at the airport terminal with a sign of your name to ensure you aren’t spending precious moments wandering the corridors.


Trip Protection

As a traveler outside of my PTO being wasted, the last thing I want to think about is my flight being canceled. If you’re like me, then sometimes shelling out a bit extra for insurance is worth the peace of mind. The good news is that every LUXY Ride can be insured for only $8 which can come in handy, especially when booking $1,000+ flights.


Pet Friendly

You can bring your pet! The only requirement is that they must be kenneled to board and pets over 25 pounds will require an SUV or SUV-XL.


  1. Time Efficient

Perhaps the most evident reason to consider taking an airport limousine is the time efficiency. Whether you’re starting your vacation or traveling the work, the time being saved with door-to-door airport escort service is immeasurable. The app itself is also easy to use making it an overall rather smooth and effective process.


  1. Cost Effective

While the knock on most limousine companies is the premium paid for such an efficient and luxurious service, LUXY Ride helps you as a traveler avoid the high cost by utilizing its innovative technology. Think of it as a basic opportunity cost; if a limousine company is about to send their driver to the airport with no passengers, then 50% of their trip is completely empty and providing no income. As a savvy traveler, you can capitalize on this opportunity by receiving the efficiency of door to door limo service along with the luxurious comfort all while bypassing the hefty price tag. It’s both time and cost effective.


  1. Stress-Free

Black car services are the standard for guaranteed airport rides, and while there are other ride-sharing apps, there are no guarantees there will be last-minute rides available or even drivers willing to take you to your destination. Not to mention, these ride-sharing apps aren’t specifically tailored for airport travelers.


When booking an airport limo all the work and planning is done upfront, so when the time comes to enjoy your vacation or send some last-minute emails, you’re completely exonerated of any and all responsibilities. Sometimes it helps paying a little extra for a clear peace of mind, but in the case of LUXY Ride, that little extra will never break the bank.