LUXY™ DriverHow the Uber Strike Could Change the Industry (Feature Image Credit:

(“How the Uber Strike Could Change the Industry” Feature Image Credit:

“App Workers Deserve Better” read the signs of many rideshare drivers striking outside O’Hare and other large airports. They certainly do, and perhaps this recent strike will finally be a catalyst for change in how the ride booking industry works at large. 

Rideshare drivers striking on 2.14.24 (Image credit:

Is Uber on Strike?

Plenty of press picked up news of the largest strike ever by Lyft, Uber, and Doordash drivers on 2/14/24, taking place in around 44 cities across the US. Drivers refused to offer rides to or from the airport and otherwise, in hopes to make their message clear to major rideshare service corporations.

Notable Lyft and Uber Strike cities impacted were Austin, Chicago, Hartford, Miami, Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, and Tampa. 

Why Are Uber Drivers Striking?

Uber, Lyft, and food service drivers are protesting “low wages and poor safety standards”, according to These drivers hope to transform the industry with these efforts, and open eyes to how unreliable and unfavorable these rideshare corporations are when they cut costs and don’t look out for their providers. 

An article published with ABC 7 Chicago states that drivers “also want more transparency when it comes to their pay.” Drivers feel that rising rideshare costs for customers do not reflect in their paychecks, and the apps do not fairly compensate drivers for the work they put in.

How Can the Industry Change?

Put simply, the ride-hailing industry has been upended completely ever since apps like Uber came along. These apps have held a constant reign over the industry for a while, but things may be due for a change. 

The Uber Lyft strike is only the start of getting the word out on the dissatisfaction with current rideshare practices. For drivers to see a change in the industry, they’ll need to leave Uber and Lyft behind in favor of a better opportunity.

Drivers will need to move somewhere their work matters, where they are treated and compensated as professionals in the industry.

What’s A Better Option for Drivers?

A chauffeur black car service driver

After wage issues, safety concerns, and unfair deactivation claims, the best option for some drivers may be to move to a different area of their industry where these things are no longer a risk of their employment. 

Black car service or luxury transport chauffeurs are the perfect next step for drivers looking for something better. This first-class side of the ride industry is growing exponentially in recent years and can offer drivers a more stable wage opportunity and a safer ride experience overall. 

The best part? There’s an app specifically built to connect independent and local black car service professionals with riders, across the nation. LUXY™ Ride helps drivers fill empty legs and complete more rides with its search-and-match booking platform, built to help you close loops. Plus, assistance is always at your fingertips with LUXY™’s live dispatching and around-the-clock affiliate care. 

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