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Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is often overshadowed by its two NYC neighbors (JFK and LGA) and while the Garden State’s main hub for airport travel doesn’t have the luxury of Three Star Michelin Manhattan Restaurants, there are still plenty of places to find a quality meal.  

I’d have to recommend two fun cities in particular – Hoboken and Jersey City.  Both are a short chauffeur drive away from EWR and should make for a great stop on your ride to or from the airport.



The one-square mile city and the home of Frank Sinatra are worth a drive from EWR Airport. Hoboken is host to a plethora of small local restaurants and not to mention some magnificent views of New York City. 


  1. Carlo’s Bakery– Rose to fame when it was featured on TLC’s Cake Boss and showcased the staff creating elaborate custom and unique pastries.  It’s also worth trying Basile’s Pizza which operates about five feet away and never has their doors closed providing a unique old-school Italian pizzeria feel.
  2. Fiore’s – Sticking with the old-school Italian feel (as is the case with most places in Hoboken) a sub from Fiore’s is an absolute must.  Every day the owners handcraft their own mozzarella and while you are unable to sit down, it’s a great place either coming or going from the airport.  On Thursdays and Saturdays their signature roast beef, mozzarella, and gravy sub will often come with lines out the door and it is most definitely recommended.
  3. Ali Baba – Open since 1983, Ali Baba is a delicious Middle Eastern restaurant located near the Hudson.  This is a great place to stop to suit all your needs: apps, sandwiches, platters, and even specialty courses.

Jersey City

The ever-changing Jersey City is located just a quick mile south of Hoboken and a drive with a chauffeur makes the view of the beautiful waterfront area all that much better before enjoying some of the new delicious cuisines.

  1. Grove Street – Just off the Path station and easily accessible for pickup or drop off from a car service.  Grove is a walking street with a multitude of bars and restaurants and year-round will have people coming and going between different places.  Try these places below:
    • Porta – extraordinary pizza and a great nightlife
    • South House – outstanding brisket and fun cocktails
    • Skinner’s Loft – family run North American cuisine and a vibrant rooftop
  2. Battello – Located directly at the end of a pier on the Hudson you can enjoy magnificent views of New York City along with an upscale seafood heavy menu.  If an upscale restaurant isn’t your forte, you can always enjoy some nice cocktails and conversations along with a view of one of the best skylines in the world.
  3. DOMODOMO – Located right off the Exchange Station Path trains and a short walk away from the Hudson, DOMODOMO can be found at the base of a high rise resembling a massive Jenga block.  Delicious Japanese cuisine known for their hot cuisines and of course their sushi.