Travel Experiences

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for ways to make meaningful impacts to reduce their carbon footprint and make environmentally conscious choices. When it comes to finding private transportation or airport car services, passengers are looking for green, eco-friendly options that directly give back to the planet.

So whats the best solution to be a responsible rider in 2023?

Meet LUXY™. 

This black car booking app is one of a kind- specifically designed to provide passengers with a luxury travel experience with a mission based in environmental action and positive ESG impact:

A Tree Planted for Every Ride

  • For each ride taken with LUXY™, one tree will be planted to help restore forests and natural habitats around the world
  • LUXY™ has partnered with OneTreePlanted.Org to make this happen, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation
  • Passengers can travel with a better peace of mind knowing that each trip gives back to the earth and supports positive environmental action
  • Learn more about LUXY™’s partnership with One Tree Planted here

Green Technology

  • LUXY™ technology uses search and match technology to pairs riders with black car professionals that have empty legs on trips
  • The first of it’s kind to do this, the LUXY™ app paves the way for sustainable and convenient airport transportation for the driver and passengers
  • Designed with your organization’s ESG score in mind, LUXY™’s platform is the best option for travel arrangers, agents and advisors who want to stay environmentally conscious and take positive action towards sustainable travel

Lowering Carbon Emissions


  • By connecting passengers with rides that previously would have been empty, LUXY™ ends up taking cars off the road- helping to lessen traffic in more congested areas
  • Since 2020, LUXY™ has reduced around 1,007,560 Kilograms of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere (and counting!)
  • Less wasted fuel from drivers means more affordable rates for rides, making it a win-win-win for the environment, for drivers and for passengers alike

LUXY™’s platform works to find riders affordable luxury rides while staying committed to reducing overall global emissions overall. With dynamic technology that helps passengers find rides in economical and sustainable ways, LUXY™ benefits the rider, the black car provider, and the earth all-in-one. Book a ride today and start riding sustainably in 2023.