Corporate Travel

When it comes to corporate travel, the need for efficiency and sustainability has never been greater. More and more companies are realizing the importance of cost-effective and environmentally-friendly transportation solutions, and LUXY™ is proud to be a driving force in this change.

The Sandwich Chain Success

One of the most compelling examples of LUXY™’s positive impact comes from a partnership with a renowned sandwich chain. By choosing LUXY™ for their corporate travel needs, they saw an immediate reduction in their travel expenses, saving over 25% on each ride. This not only had a significant positive effect on their bottom line but also contributed to a substantial reduction in their carbon emissions.

The sandwich chain’s commitment to sustainability was enhanced by partnering with LUXY, aligning their travel practices with their broader ESG goals. With LUXY’s eco-conscious solution, they could continue to provide their team with luxurious and reliable transportation without compromising their sustainability objectives.

Luxury Fashion Brand’s Green Transition

Our partnership with a luxury fashion brand also demonstrates the potential of LUXY™’s services. The brand, which regularly needed to arrange transportation for its employees, found LUXY™’s platform to be an effective solution. Not only did they experience considerable savings in both time and money, but they also made progress on their ESG objectives.

By choosing LUXY™, the fashion brand significantly reduced its overall carbon footprint, moving a step closer to its sustainability targets. The brand is a prime example of a company that has seamlessly integrated LUXY™ into its operations, demonstrating how easy it is to make the transition to a more cost-effective and sustainable travel solution.

Your Success Story is Next

These success stories are just a glimpse into the potential benefits of partnering with LUXY™. We’re driven by our commitment to offer cost-effective, eco-conscious transportation solutions to our clients. Whether it’s a sandwich chain, a luxury fashion brand or anything in between, LUXY™ can help businesses of all types and sizes reduce costs and enhance sustainability.

As highlighted in a recent research report by McKinsey & Company, businesses that adopt efficient travel solutions like LUXY™ can save up to 20% on their travel budgets. Moreover, these businesses are also making significant strides towards their sustainability goals by reducing their carbon emissions with each ride.

Your company can be the next success story. Join us in our mission to make corporate travel not just comfortable and reliable, but also economical and eco-friendly.

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