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May is more than just the onset of warmer weather; it’s also National Tourism Month! It’s a time when we celebrate the beauty and diversity of our world, whether it’s exploring new destinations or rediscovering the wonder and culture in our own backyard. This May, let’s embark on a journey of discovery and adventure, celebrating the spirit of travel in exciting and meaningful ways.

Wondering how you can take some time to celebrate this month? We have 5 easy ideas that you can do with friends or family to have some fun and support tourism at the same time. 

Discover Hidden Treasures in Your Neighborhood

Local carnival event

Start by delving into the events and deals happening in your area. Many cities and towns host special events during National Tourism Month, from food festivals to outdoor concerts. Take advantage of these opportunities to become a local tourist for a day. Visit that museum you’ve been meaning to explore, attend a festival or book sale or community class, or simply stroll through neighborhoods or historic sites you’ve never fully explored. You’ll be surprised by the hidden gems waiting to be discovered right in your own community.

Update Your Travel Bucket List

Pins on a map

National Tourism Month is the perfect time to update or organize your travel bucket list. Whether you prefer the thrill of adventure travel or the serenity of beach getaways, take some time to reflect on your travel goals and aspirations. Research new destinations, create a vision board, or simply jot down your dream destinations. Let your imagination run wild and fuel your wanderlust for future adventures.

Support Local Tourism

Local bakery

One of the best ways to celebrate National Tourism Month is by supporting tourism in your own town or city. Visit a local restaurant, shop at a small boutique, or explore a nearby attraction. Not only will you be contributing to the local economy, but you’ll also gain a deeper appreciation for the unique culture and charm of your community. Plus, you might just discover your new favorite spot!

Embark on a Travel Scavenger Hunt

A park with a visitor center

Add a new element of excitement to your travels with a scavenger hunt to bring out your keen eye, or competitive side. Download our free printable travel scavenger hunt below! This fun and interactive way to explore a new area or revisit familiar landmarks can wind up with you finding hidden treasures, and seeing the neighborhood around you in a new light. Who knows where your adventure will take you?

Indulge in Luxury with LUXY™

A woman getting into her black car ride

For a truly memorable experience, book a luxurious black car transfer with the LUXY™ app and tour a nearby city in style. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself to a day of pampering, a chauffeured car service makes your journey that much easier and comfortable. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights as you’re chauffeured around town.

National Tourism Month is the perfect time to celebrate the joy of travel, book transport and enjoy the boundless opportunities it brings for exploration and discovery. Whether you’re embarking on a grand adventure or simply enjoying a day of local exploration, make the most of this month by embracing new destinations, supporting local communities, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Tourism Month