Behind the WheelBehind the Wheel- Meet Leonard Mongold

Welcome back to our Behind the Wheel series, where we feature the wonderful chauffeurs nationwide that drive with LUXY™. We’re excited to share more about the amazing individuals who make every LUXY™ ride a 5-star journey.

We asked LUXY™ Ride drivers to answer a few questions on driving professionally, and what its like working with LUXY™. Today we’re chatting with Leonard Mongold, of All Access Airport Transportation LLC.

Image provided by Leonard Mongold

Leonard Mongold


Meet Leonard, a LUXY™ driver and partner that has been driving professionally for 7 years. He provides service in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding area.

Image provided by Leonard Mongold

How do you ensure passengers have a fantastic experience?

“I do my best to make every ride the most comfortable and relaxing trip so that passengers remember if fondly and think of LUXY™ next time they need an airport ride”


What do you like most about working with LUXY™?

“They give me more opportunities and understand the driver’s value.”


What makes LUXY™ stand out as a booking platform? 

“They always look out for the driver.”

Image provided by Leonard Mongold

Here at LUXY™, we value our drivers immensely– we couldn’t provide passengers with high-end luxury ride experiences without them. We strive to support our drivers through each step of the ride process with around-the-clock affiliate care and assistance. We hope drivers choose LUXY™ not only for gettin more rides in their area but because we are the ride service they can rely on. 

A big shout out to Leonard for sharing his experience as a LUXY™ driver with us for Behind The Wheel. Thank you for all your hard work as a driver and for being a part of the LUXY™ Partnered Supplier Team. 

Stay tuned for more installments of Behind the Wheel, to learn more about the drivers you know and love with LUXY™.